"Do not be afraid; for God has come in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that you may not sin" (Exod. 20:20).




1. Who joins the couple in marriage?

   the minister or priest             □ the couple themselves                    □ God

2. What binds a couple in marriage?

   church wedding                               □ sex                            □ wedding vows

3. What moment in the ceremony initiates the covenant?

   Pronouncement they are  'man and wife'                  □ speaking the vows               the kiss


4. To whom do the man and wife pay their vows?

            □ spouse                      □ God                          □ spouse and God                  

5. What is God's part in the marriage covenant?

□ witness                     □ both witness and participant                          □ no part

6. Can man put asunder what God has joined? 

            □ yes                                        □ no

7. When does a first marriage have no covenant?

    □ marrying the wrong person             □ a believer marrying an unbeliever             □ never


8. If a marriage is annulled by man, does the covenant still exist?

                        yes                                          no


9. If a marriage “ends” in divorce, does the covenant still exist?

                        yes                                        □ no


10.  How long does the marriage covenant last?

   until love grows cold                        □ until divorce                                        until death


Essay: Describe ways in which a married couple reflect God's relationship to the church.



1. Is adultery a sin?

   yes                                       no

2. Even if your spouse is unaware, does God know you're com­mitting adultery?

   yes                                       no


3. How Does God feel about adultery?

            □ He doesn’t care                    □ automatically forgives it                   □ hates it

4. How does God feel toward adulterers?

He hates them                      He loves them but hates their sin                He doesn't care

5. .To what are adulterers in bondage?

the sin of adultery                            sex                            each other


6. What does the person committing adultery lose?

his/her reputation           inheritance in the kingdom of God       all chance of being forgiven


7. Is it possible to quit adultery?

yes                                        no

8. What does one have to do to be free of the sin of adultery?

keep it a secret                     □ repent             □ confess, repent and quit the adultery


9. Which of the following is impossible to do while committing adultery?

   honor God                        □ keep God's law                               □ love your spouse


10. Which best describes a person who repents of adultery yet remains in the adulterous relationship?

   fearful of God                              □ loving                                    □ still lawless



Essay: Explain why adultery is idolatry and idolatry like adultery.





1. Does physical separation alter the marriage covenant?

                        □ yes                                        □ no                



2. Does separation lead inevitably to divorce?

                        □ yes                                        □ no


3. If a couple separate for any reason, are they still bound by their marriage covenant?

yes                                        no


4.  If a person is abandoned by his/her mate, is he/she still bound by their marriage covenant?

yes                                        no


5.  If one learns after being married that the spouse is homosexual, what does God expect?

divorce her/him                     pray for healing and reconciliation                  find someone else



6. Is God aware of your thoughts and feelings toward your mate during separation?

yes                                        no


7. Which thought pleases God?

   "He/she'll never change"        "I'll never go back; my marriage is over"                     "God heals"



8. What would God have a couple do during separation?

forgive and seek forgiveness  stay separated                       get a divorce


9. What should be the outcome of separation?

   End of the marriage                       permanent separation   □ reconciliation



10. How should family and friends help a couple while they are separated?

advocate divorce          encourage reconciliation                 leave them alone to work it out



Essay: Describe ways in which separation can bring healing and lead to the reconciliation of a covenant couple.





1. As God sees it, what is divorce?

   civil law designed by men                  a holy ordinance                    a tragic necessity


2.    Is it possible to be divorced against one's will?

                        □ yes                                        □ no

3. What degree of guilt does a person bear when divorced against his/her will?

Completely innocent sort of innocent         □ guilty of participating in a divorce

4. Why does God hate divorce?

    □ He doesn't understand the world today                  He's hard-hearted

                                    □ He joined the couple for life


5. What does God see in the person seeking a divorce?

hardness of heart                   wisdom                       compassion


6. When deciding whether or not to divorce, what concern should have top priority?

    □ faith, trust in God, obedience                     □ finances                     personal pleasure


7. If a divorced person is ever to be married again, with whom would God sanction it?

  another partner          a believer                  □ only the covenant mate

8. Does divorce set you free to marry another partner without sin?

                        yes                                        no


9.   What happens to the marriage covenant after a couple is divorced?

it expires                   it remains the same                it can be set aside with God's blessing


10.   Although a divorced person is “unmarried” and may feel "single", is he/she completely unattached?

yes                                        □ no

Essay QuestionSince a husband and wife remain bound as long as they both do live, describe the consequences of having a covenant when deciding what to do next after a divorce.



1. What do the divorce laws control?

   our love relationships                    our legal marital status                         □ our faith


2. As a covenant keeper Himself, what does God expect of a divorced person?

    □ to sin anyway                    to settle for second best                     □ to be a covenant keeper


3. When a divorced person chooses to remain faithful to his/her mate, who is rejected?

Satan                                    □ God

4. How does a divorced person restore the love in his/her heart for the covenant mate?

it is impossible to do  □ through forgiveness                □ by just waiting and hoping


5. What benefit does the divorced person gain by keeping covenant?

   Restoration of righteousness              financial success                    □ approval from everyone


6. Can a prodigal be won back to the Lord and to his/her mate by a covenant keeper's godly behavior?

□ yes                                        no


7. If divorced and your mate marries another, are you still bound by your covenant?

□ yes                                        □ no

8. If divorced and your mate marries another partner, what should you do?

   Do likewise: marry someone else                               □ forget him/her           

   remain unmarried, keep covenant, and pray for his/her salvation

9. Does God have the power to heal a covenant marriage even after divorce and a second marriage?

                        □ yes                                        □ no


10. How long should a covenant keeper wait for God to bring about reconciliation?

   until one’s mate marries another                                 □ until death

   until one sees nothing happening toward that end


Essay: Describe ways in which God can use a covenant keeper in the economy of a prodigal mate's salvation.



1. Who called a second marriage ‘adultery’?

Moses                       Jesus                         the dictionary


2. Is a second marriage both "a marriage" and "adultery" at the same time?

□ yes                                        □ no


3. Does God join people in adultery?

                        □ yes                                        □ no


4. Does God make a marriage covenant with adulterers?

                        □ yes                                        □ no


5.  Can a person have two marriage covenants in a lifetime, each pledging to love one person only throughout one’s lifetime?

yes                                        no

6. When a second marriage takes place in a church, who is guilty of iniquity?

□ pastor, bride, and bridegroom          □ pastor or priest                     □ pastor and bridegroom



7- If  husband or wife should say to the covenant mate, "Because I am no longer married to you but have married someone else, therefore I am no longer bound by our covenant," is he/she for this reason any less a part of the covenant?

                        yes                                        □ no


8. When is the adultery of a second marriage committed against the covenant mate?

  while making the second marriage vows      □ every day of the second marriage     □ never


9. Does being 'born again’ alter or erase a marriage covenant?

                        yes                                        □ no


10. If a person repents of the second marriage yet stays in that second marriage, what should he/she expect to hear Jesus say at the end?

□ "You may enter heaven even though you are lawless and have eternal life."

□ "Depart from me, you lawless one."                                    □ "It’s okay. I’ll forgive you."


Essay Questions: If a second marriage is wrong, why are so many people doing it?



1. If a husband or wife divorces his covenant mate and marries another, must he/she divorce the second partner in order to quit the adultery of the second marriage?

                        yes                                        no

2. Which is the greater sin?

divorce                     the adultery of a second marriage

3. Which sin precludes eternal life for the sinner?

divorce.                    □ the adultery of a second marriage.

4. Which divorce has more grievous spiritual consequences?

the first - divorcing the right partner for the wrong reason

the second - divorcing rhe wrong partner for the right  reason

5. When God says, "I hate divorce," to which divorce is He referring?

the divorce of a first, covenant mate                           any and/or all divorces


6. What good reason might there be to terminate a second marriage?

It wasn't working anyway      □ for Jesus’ and the Gospel's sake

7. Can one restore oneself to righteousness by quitting the adul­tery of a second marriage?

yes                                        no

8. Should parents stay in a second marriage for the sake of chil­dren born to it?

                        □ yes                                        □ no

9. After quitting a second marriage, what should one do if one’s covenant mate is married to another partner?

find another partner               lose faith and hope of reconciliation    remain unmarried

10. If a person's first marriage is to a divorced person and this mar­riage ends in divorce, what should the person do?

   pretend you've never been married                remain unmarried                   find another partner



Essay Question: Why would God prefer that a second marriage end by divorce rather than continue on in adultery?



1. Does reconciliation mean restoring a dysfunctional marriage to its dysfunctional state?

□ yes                                        no

2. Who brings about reconciliation?

God                          man                          God working with man

3. What is man's role in reconciliation?

□ tell God what to do and when to do it.                       □ just wait and wish 

pray, obey and trust God to bring restoration

4. If I don’t want to be reconciled to my covenant mate and can­not imagine it ever happening, is reconciliation still Gods best plan for us?

yes                                        no

5. If I seek reconciliation yet my covenant mate is set against it, is it still Gods plan for us?

yes                                        no

6. What force makes reconciliation come to pass?

luck              the power of Jesus to heal and save  will power


7. My mate has married three times since our divorce. Is there any hope for a reconciliation?

yes                                        no


8. How long must I wait for a reconciliation?

□ 7 years          until we both marry a second partner □ until death do us part

9. Who did God send as the Mediator in reconciliation?

            □ concerned parents    Jesus             pastors and counselors


10. What is the greatest benefit of a healed marriage?

honor and glory given to God            renown as recipients of a miracle       a happy couple



Essay: Describe ways in which a restored marriage pleases God and honors Him and the Church.