Mary Walmsley has known both triumph and tragedy. When devastated by divorce, the Lord granted her a miracle of healing through stitchery. Creative needlework became the means by which God led Mary through and beyond the pain into a renewal of her Christian faith. Fine embroidery was more than an outlet for pent-up emotions; it became the artistic medium through which she poured out her heart, mind, and soul. She spent eleven years stitching six embroidered works of art, each one an interpretation of God’s working in her life.

A dedicated student of the Bible, she spends two to three hours daily reading, translating, praying, and journaling. After years of purposeful stitchery and study, God led her to share the lessons she had learned through speaking and writing.

Mary has been presenting lectures since 1986. More than 9,000 people in seven states have been privileged to hear her speak and see her artwork. She has published several magazine articles, and is the author of “Because of a Covenant: Biblical Basics of the Law and Love of God Regarding Marriage”.

From the audience:

“Your story is amazing. What patience! What forgiveness!”

                                                Janet C., Jenkintown, PA


After hearing you speak, I have gained new insights into the meaning of ‘Covenant’.”

                                                Rev. Keith C., PA

“I saw your work and heard you talk about it when you were here three years ago, never dreaming that divorce was ahead of me. When it happened, through all the pain and anger and anguish I kept remembering what you had said, and I want you to know how much it helped me then and continues to help me now.”

                                                            Bette F., London, KY


“As a result of your testimony, I’m not divorced. My husband and I are working to save our marriage instead.”

                                                            Linda E., Kennett Square, PA


“I’m intrigued by the story of stitchery being a part of God’s means for your healing.”

                                                            Ann B., Aldan, PA


“I saw your art work on exhibit, and it took my breath away.”

                                                            Stephen J., Devon, PA


You brought the Scriptures and people in them to life in a profound way for me.”

                                                            Jane G., Wheaton, IL.