Walmsley was 61 years old when the Lord told her to be a writer. Even so, indications of her talents were evident years earlier.

        In the early days of her exile when she was first walking alone and wondering what would become of her, a friend said, “Mary, you express yourself so interestingly! You should become a writer!”  That comment startled Mary because she had never thought of it. That was in 1975 during the dark days of being divorced when she found ample verbal expression for the woes of divorce yet was tongue-tied regarding spiritual matters. Thus it was that in those days the needle did all the talking about her newly found faith and hope in the future.

Fifteen years later in 1989, after spending eleven years creating six works of art and another four years giving presentations of same to appreciative audiences, the Lord said, “Okay, Mary. Now you have the words; put them in writing.”

So she joined Christian Writers’ Fellowship and immersed herself in learning techniques of writing, critiquing, and marketing. Since then she has authored several magazine articles, two books, and self-published a newsletter. But evidence that natural gifts of writing and story-telling were hers all along can be seen in “Letters from England”, which was written 25 years before she thought of herself as a writer.