Have you ever pondered the nature, strengths and blessings of a marriage Covenant? Have you ever tried to draw a picture of them? Walmsley has done just that with needle and thread.


          Having grown in faith by clinging to her own marriage covenant for more than a half-century, Walmsley shares the joy and strength found in covenant keeping. Woven into the stitching is her testimony that, in spite of divorce, the law and love of God are one and the same in the marriage covenant. Three vital concepts of marriage are represented in this wedding apparel worn by both bride and bridegroom – the two become one, marriage is work for both husband and wife, the marriage covenant lasts a lifetime.


          These inspired wedding garments are a practical yet elegant application of God’s truth about marriage. Don’t miss an opportunity to see them for yourself! They may well set a new trend for wedding fashion in the future.