Walmsley has been a gifted teacher all her adult life. She received a Masters Degree in Elementary Education in 1951 and spent several years teaching in the public schools as a 4th grade teacher and then as a professional reading aide. After raising a family, her gifts as a teacher were kicked up a notch when she found herself in a one-room schoolhouse as a student learning about life anew. God was now the Teacher and she the eager student.

          As she began to read and study the Bible, she assembled word studies of key words in Holy Scripture whose accurate translation reveals deeper truths. Walmsley calls this collection  “Vital Vocabulary”.

          She also composed workbook-type material to accompany the wealth of lessons and stories illustrated by her artwork. Included are exercises and tests appropriate for individuals or a group. Eventually there will be a workbook based on each of the embroidered works of art.

          Coming soon: Walmsley’s “Vital Vocabulary” and workbooks!