Marriage God's Way

Sower of the Word

Marriage God’s Wayİ

An 8-session course designed for the Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA

February 2009

Marriage God’s Way is a study of biblical principles of marriage, the marriage covenant, and other marital relationships a person might be in during one’s lifetime while still bound by a marriage covenant. The Scriptures themselves reveal how God sees each relationship and the people involved, how He responds, and the choices He has provided us for the sake of our souls. In addition to the original covenant marriage we will examine adultery, separation, divorce, divorced yet keeping covenant, a second marriage, a second divorce, and reconciliation.

Each of the eight sessions will include study of the Scriptures and vocabulary vital to a deeper understanding of same, a personal testimony of someone who’s been there, and time for corporate and individual prayer. Attention will be given to increasing awareness of opposing points of view, namely, God’s interests versus the devil’s interests.

This course is open to all - people with or without marital problems: husbands, wives, a husband and wife together, young adults, teenagers, parents, friends, neighbors, the church. This course will be led by a team of people experienced in healing marriages. The teachings will follow those outlined in Because of a Covenant by Mary Walmsley.