Mary Walmsley

Sower of the Word - The Quilt

Having overcome the negative events in her life and turned it all to the glory of God, Walmsley stitched her victory into a full-size (6 cubits square) quilt and named it “Celebration”.

At the center is a topographical map of Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by the flora and fauna of that island, her family’s summer home. The four corners (Night, Dawn, Day, and Dusk) depict pivotal episodes in life, turning points that increased her faith. Cathedral Windows and Grandmother’s Flower Garden adorn the top and sides, while an imaginative interpretation of Noah’s Ark occupies the bottom center. Hidden behind each figure and /or pattern are stories, Bible teachings, some whimsey, and lots of inspiration.


In 1983 this quilt won First Prize and a Judge’s Best in Show in the quilt category at the Philadelphia Chapter’s Biennial Exhibit of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America. Since then it has been seen by 6,400 people in seven states and England. This well-travelled work is a veritable celebration of how God restored life, love, and faith to Mary Walmsley and how He longs to do the same for us all.