Mary Walmsley

Sower of the Word - Tablecloth


I arrived in Vermont a broken woman. Words were inadequate to express the anguish and despair I felt in being divorced against my will. I could not prevent it, it was wrong, and I was a miserable wretch.

A piece of white linen, needle and white thread were put into my hands accompanied by encouragement to stitch, just stitch. With help from no one, I designed and wrought this tablecloth; God was my Teacher; therefore I have named this piece “Homeschooled”.

See for yourself the result of my efforts. Having never before done any intricate embroidery, I had every right to be amazed at what came into being under my fingers. Talent for doing fine embroidery was a gift from God, pure and simple. As I put this gift to use, healing happened; my peace and confidence were restored.